Family token

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Family token

What is the $FAMILY token

use of the $FAMILY token

The $FAMILY token is basically considered as social money. Social money is a tool for the next internet. It blends ideas from the 20+ year history of traditional social media with newer concepts of digital money that have recently exploded in the blockchain space. Social money asks the question: what would you do if you had your own digital money specific to your community?

We created the $FAMILY token to reward you all for following our content and helping us with growing the brand and social media channels so we can reach more people to become part of this bitcoin family.

In addition, holding the FAMILY token brings you various benefits, such as a corresponding discount in the merchandise store, access to exclusive channels on discord and many other advantages, whereby these are constantly being expanded and extended.

Liquidity pool on Uniswap

Earn program

Uniswap is unique in that it doesn’t use an order book to derive the price of an asset or to match buyers and sellers of tokens. Instead, Uniswap uses what are called Liquidity Pools.

By adding your $FAMILY tokens to the liquidity pool you are entitled to earn the fees generated by the Uniswap network transactions. Of course, the amount of your share depends on the number of $FAMILY you add to the pool. Currently we are paying some extra reward for the early liquidity providers. How exactly you can add your tokens and what are the requirements for the special reward to the liquidity pool can be found on our discord server. We reward your support and loyalty!

Earn $Family

There are multiple ways to earn some extra family as we want everyone to be able to participate in our family. At the moment there is a pot of 40.000 $FAMILY thats is monthly used for rewards!

1) Providing liquidity, 2) Being Active in our discord, 3) Watching Youtube Videos, find QR code and scan, 4) Creating content/tools for the Family, 5) Helping other Family members

Merchandise marketplace

Will be created to give creative family members the opportunity to make money with their talent. You can make full use of the infrastructure of our platform and offer your own designs for sale to our customer base. Part of the proceeds will be paid in Fam tokens to the designer, the remainder will be added to the fund that will be used to support the following product Micro loans.

Micro loans

Will be used to help people who are looking for a small financial support to start their own internet business, etc. Through this way the Bitcoin family wants to do something for people who do not have access to a bank. The infrastructure required for this will be accessible to our investors. We are currently further investigating how the design and layout will give a maximum user experience and be a fantastic addition to our project.

The Bitcoin Family is about Sharing Caring Learning with others

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