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The Bitcoin Family products listed below are fee-based and add a lot of value to your trading experience. It is important to understand that a tool can help you trade, but it does not do the trading for you.An indicator such as the Didi-BAM indicator is used to read the market and try to predict it. When you start trading and chart analysis you will quickly find that various indicators can help you with these issues. We offer you a solution to learn together with the other members of The Bitcoin Family who have the same goal as you.

Trading is not a gambling and the indicators will help you with the decisions you have to make.You will find this out for yourself along the way.You will find this out for yourself along the way.

There is a healthy atmosphere in our community where you can learn a lot for both beginners and advanced traders. In our team there are a number of advanced traders who help and share their personal view of the market on a daily basis. As a token holder, you will benefit from this information for free.Don’t compare yourself to the professional traders and their massive profits they share on various platforms. Find your own way and strategy together with The Bitcoin Family indicators.

Exclusive merchandise

25% of the profits go to charity!

by buying our merchandise we accomplish our goals to help those in need, find more info about it in our charity section.

The B-FAT autotrader

This amazing product describes a trading bot which is designed to help everybody who wants to have access to the trading world in crypto. 

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