We use 10% of our profit for charity

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Services & tools to make the crypto life simple.

As The Bitcoin Family we try to create as much as possible FREE products, services and and tools for the community. The only product with a FEE is the PAID VIP MEMBERSHIP where you get all the perks that a VIP should receive. 

Trading should not be gambling so our indicators, signals and educational videos will help you with the trading decisions you have to make.

There is a healthy atmosphere in our community where you can learn a lot for both beginners and advanced crypto members . Find your own way and strategy together with The Bitcoin Family indicators.

Exclusive merchandise

25% of the profits go to charity!

by buying our merchandise we accomplish our goals to help those in need, find more info about it in our charity section.


In our FREE telegram group we share daily content with the members that will help you to understand  the world of crypto. It’s an amazing community with same minded people that want to use Bitcoin and Blockchain to change the world into a better more equal and honest world for everyone. A group where all the members try to educate each other while having fun. 

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