Team and members

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The Bitcoin Family

Team and members

TheBitcoinFamily does not only consist of the 5 member Taihuttu family, no the community around The Bitcoin Family has grown to a huge family with members all around the world. The core team of The Bitcoin Family consists of developers and crypto enthusiasts who all have the ultimate goal of making Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the community a better place. We all share the same vision and work with full energy every day to achieve this goal.

The Bitcoin Family

A group of dedicated developers and crypto enthusiasts

Striving to make the crypto space a more user-friendly place. Our vision is to build tools that will help people maintain their trading experience/skills as well as providing support when things go wrong. The mission is to build a community where people can obtain all the information needed to keep up to date, Share information, raise issues, share their experiences.

We aim to be the no.1 place to go to when having your morning coffee, to build an easy to use tool that displays a summary of accumulated information from various sources, a tool that will save you time and money. So why the Family token? Well, The Bitcoin Family hopes to build interactive tools that will reward end users for their valuable contribution and time, we feel that everyone should be rewarded for participating in making the blockchain space a better place, even if you can’t afford to buy, mine, stake. We at The Bitcoin Family believe that with hard work and dedication, comes freedom and serenity.


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