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Family Fund

Above you have read why you could invest in the Family Token, we have briefly discussed the Family fund. Let's see together why and what is being done with this fund.

Every year we select charities for which we want to do something, we do this together with you! You also contribute to this support by using our products or investing in the Family token. Every product or service that we offer has a certain% profit that is reserved for our charities. You can find more about the% in the description and price of our products. We do this completely transparently and insightful for everyone.

We never try to support these goals by donating BTC but rather in the supply of certain products in order to guarantee that it will reach the person it is intended for. These goals can be raised by the community or suggested by our team. You as a token holder can vote on which goals need our attention and what amount will be made available for this.

Our project offers you knowledge, skills, but also a bit of social responsibility. After all, this is what it’s all about. Below you can find a selection of charity’s we have helped in the last few years.

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