About us

How this journey started

We sold everything to live our dream!

In 2016 we, as a dutch family of five, sold everything and went all-in into Bitcoin.

Today, several years and over 40 countries later, we as TheBitcoinFamily are still living our dream, traveling the world and spreading the message and spirit of freedom and a life with Bitcoin.

We still don`t have any bank accounts or a house and we are always looking for new adventures and new ways to advance the community and Bitcoin. No matter where in the world we are at the moment, sharing and caring is always our priority.

The Bitcoin Family is about Sharing Caring Learning with others

What is our vision


The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage!

Meanwhile, The Bitcoin Family has grown to a community of several thousand members! The vision is to create a worldwide active and social community to use this wonderful evolution in financial technology for good. Let’s TOGETHER bring forward a new and more honest monetary system where the power is in everyone’s hands.

The whole community with and around TheBitcoinFamily is always about sharing and caring.

What is our goal


Our goal is to create a huge Bitcoin family that understands that the way the world works at the moment is not optimal for everyone. By creating revolutionary crypto and blockchain solutions we try to form a micro economy that leads to a win win situation that benefits the users but at the same time the needy in our world. The user just does what he always does, trading, shopping etc but at the same time in a creative way the users of our prodcts are contributing to a fund that will help poor people by giving them microloans or projects. We want to teach them how to fish instead of giving them fish!

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