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As you will know if you follow the Bitcoin Family over the past years we the Bitcoin Family have sold all we had and went all in on Bitcoin. In those years we have visited many countries, some that are growing economic power houses and others that have a level of basic care that falls far short of what you could expect in a developed world.

A love of life

Drive & desire to succeed

Many of those I have met who have very little or nothing all share one thing in common; a love of life, and a drive & desire to succeed in making their and their loved ones a better life.

In all the conversations I have had with those in difficult position is they just need a little financial support to create the foot & hand holds to help them out of the dark wholes life has cast them into. These people are proud of the fact that they live day to day, and they have a right to feel proud, I don’t know how I would handle some of the situations I have seen.

They didn’t want a hand out or charity, as one guy said to me “Charity doesn’t give me ownership or identity” and it was that, that gave me the idea of creating “The Bitcoin Family Micro Loan Trust”. I will keep supporting the kids as we do, I don’t want to see them going out to work, I want them to get an education!

It was these conversations and other stories on the internet that lead to the idea of the “Micro Loan” Bitcoin Family Trust.

Building a life

More than charity

My thought was, it needed to offer more than charity, it should be a loan that had to be repaid, it should offer identity through use, be repeatable for those that built their reputation, what better way to build a reputation than build a life that gives the user an income that supports them and their family.

Then once they have that identity, they can then recommend and support others they have contact with in their world daily. It has been the growth of “The Bitcoin Family” Discord, the You Tube channel and the Didi Bam indicator that has now given us the exposure and funds to start the “Micro Loans” project.

Now, as much as we would like to visit all the countries we think the “Micro Loans” would be useful to, it is just not possible, so this is where the “Bitcoin Family” come into their own.

If you are a family member that knows a student that is taking a year out to work with a charitable trust overseas, or you work with people that, if they had a Micro loan it would give them what they need to create an income, you could become a “Bitcoin Family Micro Loan” ambassador, if the above description fits you then email us as a first step to becoming an ambassador.

The Bitcoin Family is about Sharing Caring Learning with others

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