Didi Bam Classic indicator on Aurox

The DIDI BAM CLASSIC is designed to support you with Leverage and Spot trading and is part of the SILVER VIP

Bam indicator package

This package is an advanced/complete tool we offer to support you making safer trades.

Don't gamble, go for a Triple confirmation!


The Bam indicator gives you a visual indication what direction the market is going. The mathematical code shows if the lines cross that’s a sign for directional change (up/down). 


The Tictoc indicator is gives you a
visual confirmation what direction the market is going on bigger time frames and is designed for spot trading.

Margin call 2.0.3

Are the bulls or the bears in the market-control?
This tool in combination with the other indicators
can help you to find your way through a trade.

Margin call step indicator

Go long or short? The Margin Call step-Indicator can give you an idea how the market is acting and convinces with clear flags to enter and exit.



  • LIFETIME* access and updates to the BAM indicator which normally costs 0.06 BTC
  • LIFETIME* access and updates to the Margin Call 1.03 step indicator which normally costs 0.025 BTC
  • LIFETIME* access to the TicToc indicator which normally costs 0.03 BTC
  • LIFETIME VIP Membership to the Didi Discord

This package includes the following products and support:

If the Didi-Bam indicator is just out of your reach at the moment.
Do not despair! You can become a Bounty Hunter!

If you`re not a Didi-Bam VIP member you can claim a VIP discord membership & the Didi-Bam indicator for 8 new fully paid members you recommend instead of collecting your bounty. This offer means that for those that have a limited budget can create their own discount by promoting the Didi-Bam indicator on their social media, to the point it is free to them and they can still earn the bounty as normal after the first 8!

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